Jagannath University as a govt. financed full pledged public university of Bangladesh is situated in the southern part of the city of Dhaka near the Buriganga. This prestigious educational establishment has a history of about 156 years which started in 1858. 

Jagannath College opened honours and masters programmes in 1975. That year the government once again took over the college and upgraded it into a postgraduate college. In 1982, the college closed its programmes of intermediate level & introduced evening shifts in 1992. It was transformed into the Jagannath University in 2005. At present the University has 36 departments under 6 faculties and two Institutes .Now 638 (till to 2016-17) teachers are engaged in providing quality education of around 19088 (till to 2016-17) students on diversified areas.

The Management of University is striving to make this establishment as a center of excellence for creating successful and productive citizens of Bangladesh.

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